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Welcome to The Beauty of Kemet

Gratitude for taking the first step booked your appointment. Can you send me a pic of your hair and the size and length so I can give you an actual price for the service and let you know how much hair you will need as well as the length of time it will take me to love on your hair.

Before you can come for your appointment, have you been around, or have you had cold symptoms in the last two weeks or fever ? Hand sanitizer provided, also mask must be worn at all time to ensure both our safety I will not be receiving the COVID vaccine in the salon🖤️‼️Our lives are changing to stay safe, and due to this, I want to share with all my clients, current and future. All appointments must pay a deposit of $25, and this will be due on the date of booking and not refunded only will carry on one cancellation. Also, you need to attend your service alone (no exceptions); also, if your child is under 18, you must be present for appointments. No exceptions, No excuses…‼️

 If you are not at the appointment within the allotted 10 minutes, you will be a no-show and be charged for the service and have to reschedule ALL APPOINTMENTS WILL BE BOOKED ON STYLE SEAT ALSO all PAYMENTS WILL BE COLLECTED NOT on StyleSeat. UNLESS StyleSeat STATES YOU MUST MESSAGE ME directly on STYLE SEAT. I will not be taking any TEXT message appointments. If you have questions, book a consultation appointment; I also offer virtual meetings. All prices on my site are base prices and may change with style (length, size, time, etc.)🏾🖤️🏾

Please read and let me know where you want to send the deposit too. Due to reasons, all appointments must be alone (exceptions discussed before charges). No Exceptions.☑️

 I will need payment in cash, Zelle, Venmo, The beauty of Kemet;$Beautyofkemet

(I will only take card payments with PayPal must be present and valid ID) Due to my salon being in my home, I will not give the exact address until the deposit is received.


No show and late cancellation policy 

My no-show policy is as follows (no exceptions period); not at the appointment within 10 min without communication. You will have to reschedule and deposit a no-show fee, which equals half full service NO exceptions. You will not be able to schedule another appointment until payments are received. Go in peace until you have time to go over the documents I sent to you. Your spiritual goddess one-stop shopping, growing hands, salon with a positive impact once again; thank you for your support.

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